SolidWorks World 2011 Partner Profile: ATR Soft

One of the things we've heard from SolidWorks World attendees over the past few years is that you'd like to learn more in advance about the SolidWorks partners who set up booths in the Partner Pavilion. So now through the end of SolidWorks World, we'll be posting a series of blog entries about some of the partners you might think about checking out, and the people who will be representing them. Today we hear from Francois Simon, sales manager at ATR Soft.


1. Tell us about ATR Soft.
We are dedicated to bringing sustainable solutions for system development, system integration, as well as product data management systems to CAD, PDM and PLM systems (for example SolidWorks, ePDM, SmarTeam, Enovia). In addition we offer CustomTools for SolidWorks, a Gold Certified Product of SolidWorks®, that can be used for advanced management of your SolidWorks data (custom property management, a bi-directional link with your ERP/MRP, automatic file naming, batch printing and conversion, just to name a few). In addition to CustomTools, we also offer services in customization of SolidWorks as well as ePDM (this includes for example task automation, user interface customization, collaboration systems).


2. Why should SolidWorks World attendees visit your booth?
Can you print and convert 1,000 drawings in 5 clicks? If not, then we have a solution for you. In addition if you are looking for ways to efficiently manage your custom properties and/or integrate your ERP to SolidWorks then CustomTools is a must see. You will be able to see how CustomTools can help you to save time on your design and bring consistency to your design team.


3. How can your products or services help make a SolidWorks user’s life easier?
No matter how easy it is to use, it is never easy enough” and “No matter how fast we make it, it is never fast enough.” If you think that those statements are still true today, then you should consider CustomTools. The two main benefits of using CustomTools are that it brings consistency to the design team and it automates the most time consuming routines of the SolidWorks’ users. We provide unique and reliable tools to unify SolidWorks/ePDM to other systems to add nearly unlimited number of features and functionalities, based on your own needs and requirements.


4. How can customers connect with you at the show? How about before and after?
Attendees can find us at booth #224 in the Partner Pavilion. You can also contact us at





If you're interested in learning more about the partners who will be appearing at SolidWorks World 2011, be sure to check out the full list on the SolidWorks World website. You can also learn about our Certified Partner Theater, see when the Partner Pavilion will be open, and check out the complete floor plan.


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