DonJoy braces minimize knee misery

Knee problems
prompt an estimated 12 million doctor’s office visits
each year in the United States alone. More than 600,000 arthroscopic surgeries
are performed annually, 85
of which are on knees. Nearly 300,000 knees are replaced
every year here.


Thanks to the
rapidly evolving sophistication of knee braces, you have improved chances of successfully
protecting, rehabilitating, and supporting these vulnerable joints.


DJO Inc. (see today’s news release), the U.S.
leader in orthopedic rehabilitation devices, creates knee braces (and other
orthopedic gear) that address pressing medical needs and are also a little lighter,
more comfortable, and stylish than in the past.


The new DonJoy® TROM Adjuster™,
for example, promotes faster
healing after surgery. It unloads the knee compartment and associated injured
tissue so it heals faster and reduces the potential of re-injury post-surgically.
It offers an easily adjustable hinge with “Tele-Fit™” telescoping technology
for a perfect patient fit.


Take a look,
and stay pain free.

Right Side Assembly 1-25-06 TROM Adjuster-23


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