Five Questions Friday with Vince “Nobody” Doll of Redneck Engineering

Vince and Vincent

Name: Vince “Nobody” Doll

Title: Owner, Redneck Engineering,

Hometown: Liberty, S.C.

About: Redneck Engineering builds really cool, functional, and affordable motorcycles for everyday folks. At Redneck, “we don’t give a damn how they do it on the West Coast.”

1. Why do you do the work you do?

I guess it’s the satisfaction of turning an idea that’s in your head into a completed project that you’re proud of, and that also makes people smile and appreciate the effort it takes to make it happen.

2. What is your proudest career moment?

I have been blessed. There have been several throughout my career, so it’s really hard to pick. Some include being named bike builder of the year, chassis designer of the year several times, and being asked to build special projects for charities like the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Serenity House, and the American Cancer Society.

Redneck bike

3. What goal inspires you most?

To continue pushing to do better at what we do, as far as design and pushing the limits of these machines.

4. How has SolidWorks made a difference in your life?

It has allowed me to really open up my mind and imagination in my work. I could always see things in my mind before I built them, but this product lets me put them out visually to really let us study in detail before we bend the first tube. It has been a real treat in my life to find something like this–so complex but so easy to use. I can just create visually at will now.

5. What do you for fun? Where’s the best place you’ve traveled?
I spend time with my wife and grandchildren. I’m really into hotrods, be they cars or bikes. We have quite a few lying around. Also, I like to just hang out and meet new folks.

We have been to several countries other than the USA. We’ve spent some time in Australia, which is very nice, but to be very honest it’s really hard to beat the USA. There is so much to do and see right in our backyard. Most folks just forget that. Remember this: WE ARE NOT HERE FOR A LONG TIME WE ARE HERE FOR A GOOD TIME !

Matthew West

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