A mighty wind @ World

When a hurricane tore the roof off a customer’s plant,
recalls Jason Williams, all that remained intact
were some steel girders and an industrial fan – a Big Ass fan.

Please pardon the language, but that’s not us cussin’. Big Ass Fans is the name of Williams’
employer and the fast-growing maker of industrial and commercial fans that
customers ask for by name. 

In a chat at SolidWorks World 2010, Williams said his company's machines can span more than 20 feet in diameter and
weigh more than 300 pounds. When the blades start turning, all manner of torsional
forces arise. Williams, the company’s product design engineer, uses SolidWorks
Simulation to ensure the enormous air movers hold up.

By the way, in that hurricane? A competitor's fan wilted
like a daisy

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