What’s New in SolidWorks 2010… the events

Today I am in the lucky position of watching one of our resellers run through the new features in SolidWorks products for 2010.

A room full of customers who seem to have a great relation ship with the reseller and who also seem very eager to see what the day brings!!

If you haven’t been to one of these customer events then make sure you check out Launch Events and get signed up.

One of the tools that seemed to raise great interest is the new Configuration Publisher. This tool allows you to build up the logic of your configurations in an easy drag and drop interface… what’s great about this method is that you don’t have to manually add all the configurations before people can use them!. 

If another user wants a configuration of this design they just pick the configuration based on real information like size, what features are needed, what type of part you want or what material etc… no longer do you need to remember the exact part number for the wanted design!!!

SolidWorks will then build that configuration on demand!

Sharing configurations of designs doesn’t stop there. Whilst using the Configuration Publisher you can also see a 3D Content Central preview… Here you can see the “online” view of your design. There is also a Publish to 3D Content Central button too.

This will take you to www.3Dcontentcentral.com just sign up as a free supplier and you can very quickly share your designs with thousands of registered users…

Recently I heard of an independent survey that stated that around 80% of CAD users will look to buy the component that they have downloaded and used in their assembly… so putting your models online could boost your sales!!

Matthew West

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