SolidWorks Makes You a Better Golfer?

I used to be quite an avid golfer, sometimes playing as many as 5 times a week.  I still try to get out once every couple of weeks or so.  I started playing in 1975, but got serious about it 1988.  My handicap has been as low as 6, and now stands at 11.  But in the roughly 20 years I’ve been playing, at an average of maybe 100 rounds per year, I have never had a hole-in-one.

I was flipping through the sports page of the local paper today, and as I always do on Thursday’s, looked at the local holes-in-one listing.  You guessed it, there was a SolidWorks user’s name there.

Rodel Bautista has been a SolidWorks user for a long time, and a member of the Central Texas SolidWorks User Group since at least 2000.  In all the time I’ve known him, I never knew he even played golf.  Turns out, he just started last October and has been trying to play weekly since April or so.  I won’t say what his average score is, but he’s improving.  He told me the ace was a pretty good feeling.  I can only imagine.

So, no, SolidWorks itself won’t make you a better golfer, or I would have my hole-in-one by now.  But it will help you get your work done faster so you can get out to the course more often.

Congratulations Rodel!

Richard Doyle
My official title is Senior User Advocacy & SolidWorks User Groups - but most people just call me "The User Group Guy". I've been a SolidWorks user since 1997, and was one of the founding members of the SWUGN Committee. Since starting the Central Texas SolidWorks User Group in 1999, my career path has led me to DS SolidWorks and a dream job supporting the SolidWorks User Group Network worldwide.
Richard Doyle
Richard Doyle