Bulk Load Custom Properties Into Templates

Recently, Joy Garon, a SolidWorks Product Manager, shared an email with me that she received from Devon Sowell who is not only a SolidWorks user, but, someone who spends time helping other SolidWorks users.

Devon, recently launched his own Blog (https://designsmarter.typepad.com/devonsowell/) where he shares some of his favorite SolidWorks features and tips.  I decided to reprint this tip since I had just helped a customer with a similar issue using the same feature.

My task was to bulk load 25 Custom Properties fields into new SolidWorks templates. They were required in all flavors of Templates; Drawings, Assemblies, and Parts.  When I first tried the Task Scheduler, it would not recognize the existing Template file.  Hmmm, now what?

Easy, I just created empty SolidWorks files, in all flavors. Then I dumped them all into one folder on my Desktop. Next, I used the Task Scheduler to bulk load the Custom Property fields in these files. Finally, I Saved them as Templates into the appropriate folder.

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