SolidWorks Customer Portal Announcement

In our continued effort to supply a much higher level of service and increased value to our subscription customers, we are happy to announce the availability date of the new Customer Portal.

This site will be available the week of June 12th and will provide our customers with greater access to a wealth of tools and technical information to improve their effectiveness utilizing their SolidWorks product set.

Capabilities in the new “Customer Portal” include:

§          Reseller contact information and support URL

§          An extensive knowledge base of technical information

§          Highlighted technical solutions, SPR look up, Documentation, Technical News

§          Ability to view all of your SR’s (Service Requests) and SPR’s

§          Simplified download process

§          Customer Discussion Forums

§          Administrative functions and information

§          email based account access required for complete functionality


§          Access to the Customer Portal is by either email address (login account) or SolidWorks serial number.  If you access using your serial number, you will have limited capability. 

§          For full access to all features, you must: 

1.      create and use your Customer Portal login account 

2.      have registered your SolidWorks serial number using the Register My Products section of the Customer Portal 

3.      have an active subscription support contact

§          For more questions regarding the SolidWorks Customer Portal, view the FAQ’s 

Greg Jankowski is the Director, SolidWorks Community & Content Strategy at DS SolidWorks Corporation. He is the author of SolidWorks for Dummies, SolidWorks for AutoCAD Users, and the e-book Exploring SolidWorks. Greg is a regular presenter at SolidWorks User groups and SolidWorks World where he hosts the CAD Admin Bootcamp. Greg started the 1st online SolidWorks community on comp.cad.solidworks and continues to support SolidWorks online communities and other customer web related resources.