Section Views in Your Designs

I was speaking with a 2D user who was looking at SolidWorks.  He asked me how he could get a better understanding of  a 3D design.

Section view helps the SolidWorks user to understand where they are in 3D space. By graphically cutting away part of your model, you can better understand how to create 2D sketch geometry and how it relates to that given infinite plane in 3D space. SolidWorks gives the user the ability to “drag these sections planes thru the model dynamically as thou you were instantly cutting through the solid part. To enhance visualization, SolidWorks “caps” the end of the section to appear as thou the section left by the “cut” is solid.


Even more powerful, is the ability to define two graphical sections as is illustrated in the piston above, one  blue and one green. At anytime during the SolidWorks session, these sections can be shown hidden or  modified. You can even assign colors to the capped end plane for better clarification.

SolidWorks is all about making you productive and reducing CAD overhead. Section view is a great utility to help you more quickly and efficiently model your parts.


Fielder Hiss

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