Beta program is in full swing.

The beta program for SolidWorks 2007 is currently underway. If you are a current subscription service customer and would like to partisipate, visit and sign up.

This program was created to help get early feedback and comments on the next version of SolidWorks. Customer comments and feedback are what we use to help drive how the software works.

For more information on our other customer programs, visit

Greg Jankowski
SolidWorks Corp.

Greg Jankowski is the Director, SolidWorks Community & Content Strategy at DS SolidWorks Corporation. He is the author of SolidWorks for Dummies, SolidWorks for AutoCAD Users, and the e-book Exploring SolidWorks. Greg is a regular presenter at SolidWorks User groups and SolidWorks World where he hosts the CAD Admin Bootcamp. Greg started the 1st online SolidWorks community on comp.cad.solidworks and continues to support SolidWorks online communities and other customer web related resources.