6a00d83451706569e20168ebf00c1c970c-piFEA Thermal Simulation Tutorial using a Brake Rotor from the SolidWorks SAE Tutorials

  Check out this video tutorial using SolidWorks Simulation to run a FEA thermal analysis on a brake rotor from the SolidWorks SAE tutorial.  This video shows the set up … Continued

6a00d83451706569e20168eb9143b0970c-piSolidWorks Education Facebook Page for Students and Educators

www.Facebook.com/SolidWorksEducation was released today.  Designed for students and educators that love SolidWorks, we listened to your designs and your ideas to develop this Facebook page.  The Facebook SolidWorksEducation page focuses on the … Continued

6a00d83451706569e20168e63356b9970c-piSolidWorks Mentor Races with STEM Education Tutorial and the Ten80 Challenge

When Jeremy Losaw, NASCAR Racing Engineer and SolidWorks Mentor for the Ten80 STEM Racing Challenge sent me this video, I could not help but ask to share it with all … Continued

6a00d83451706569e20154352a45f9970c-piSolidWorks Tutorial: Building a Robot Arena

You have seen Assabet Valley robot students featured on the SolidWorks TV series, Let's Go Design.  These students and their instructor, Bryant LaFlemme, have used SolidWorks to design the robot … Continued

6a00d83451706569e20154353d47a1970c-piSolidWorks Curriculum for Educators on the SolidWorks Customer Portal

SolidWorks provides curriculum, tutorials and projects for educators on our SolidWorks Customer Portal. This video shows how you obtain your SolidWorks serial number, create an account and access the Customer … Continued

6a00d83451706569e2015435213d11970c-piSolidWorks Tutorial: CO2 Dragster from Team CudaCountry

 SolidWorks Tutorials by master teacher,  Pat Haley astound me again with his lastest SolidWorks Tutorial featuring a CO2 dragster.  Take a look at the updated CO2 Dragster Car Tutorials at … Continued