6a00d83451706569e20133f2fe0e31970b-piSolidWorks Tutorial: Pip Squeak Engine Models, Drawings and Animations

For this minature pip squeak engine, students Duane McCants and Dale Bemben of Baker College created all the models, drawing files, animations and Power point presentation for Robert Cadwell's 10-week SolidWorks- … Continued

6a00d83451706569e20133f2d8bfaf970b-piSolidWorks Tutorial: Tumbler Project For Scouts and Students

The Boy Scouts just celebrated their 100 year anniversary and to celebrate with the help of Lemelson-MIT, they introduced the Inventing Merit Badge that promotes Boy Scouts working toward a new … Continued

6a00d83451706569e2013485dd4eb3970c-piSolidWorks Tutorial: Sustainability Material Choice and Sustainable Redesign

The SolidWorks Sustainability – An Introduction to Material Choice and Sustainability Redesign is a compact introduction to the engineering design process that incorporates material selection, stress analysis and thermal analysis.  Your students … Continued