SolidWorks Wrap Feature


Wrap Feature

This video covers the SolidWorks wrap feature.  The details of how to use this feature as well as the different options available while using this feature are shown.  This tool is useful in order to place text or other designs on planer and non-planer surfaces.  Using this feature you can add, subtract, or scribe the wrapped text.  I hope you find this video informative and trying using this feature in your next model.


Ian Jutras

  • g B

    I have been trying to get a sketch to wrap around a tapered surface (think slightly conical) and it will not work. In the wrap feature manager, I can select the sketch to wrap and whether to emboss, deboss, or scribe, but I cannot select the face (surface) on which to wrap the sketch. It will work if I try it on a cylindrical face, but not the tapered.


  • Nocosolidworks

    This currently cannot be done in SolidWorks using the wrap command or any other. The best option would be to use a decal instead.