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Beach 139
It's the last unofficial weekend of the summer so do something fun with your family or friends.  Take time to dream. I always dreamed about para sailing. Luckily David agreed to try too - always ready to test the laws of physics and try out the wind.

Wind is one of the cheapest and most powerful sources of energy on the high seas. Stephan Wrage, the inventor and founder of SkySails harnessed this natural force with his innovative kite-towing technology and turned it into an industrial application.  You can find his inspirational story here.



Marie Planchard

Marie Planchard

Director of Education Community, SolidWorks at Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corporation
Marie Planchard is Director of the Education Community, SolidWorks. She is responsible for global development of curricula, content and social outreach for the SolidWorks educational products across all levels of academia.
Marie Planchard
  • Corporal Willy

    Oh is that some shot. Not many people can say that they had a picture like that taken together. Flying high and a perfect couple.

    On another subject, I was talking to one of the mechanical engineering professors at UNLV. We cannot come up with any ideas on how SolidWorks can get any better than it is. I supposed some more innovation and ease of use can be tweeked but I am really amazed at what I am seeing in 2013. Wow!

  • Marie

    Thank you for your nice comments. The product managers here at SolidWorks spend hours watching our customers work. Most of the enhancements come from our SolidWorks community. There are great enhancements in sketching and creating features. I love variations in patterns, the quick use of unit conversion, and conic sketches. It’s all about making design, easier for the student, the instructor and the IT admin. We have schools now with 100′s, 1000′s of students using SolidWorks. The new admin tools will help manage small and large installations. Free student access in schools like yours is getting SolidWorks in the hands of students the right way. Marie