SWUGN Group Leader Spotlight: Shawn Casebolt

shawn casebolt“Every meeting you learn something new from the different presenters. I enjoy seeing the other challenges that people face and the approach to their solutions.”

Shawn Casebolt founded the Central New Jersey SOLIDWORKS User Group back in April of 2015 and he has been leading it ever since! “My company had decided to move everything over to SOLIDWORKS from 2D and we were in the midst of trying to do that (and still are) when I formed the group.  I had used SOLIDWORKS at a previous company, so I was the most experienced user here. Then, I was fortunate enough to go to SOLIDWORKS World in 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona, where I met some amazing people. I saw the passion that the community had and all the benefits that members can gain from each other. I came back from Phoenix and within 2 months we had our first meeting. The rest is history!”

SWW15 in Arizona made a huge impact on Shawn; not only was it his first time attending SOLIDWORKS World, but he also met Richard Doyle and Phil Sluter. “The best part was I didn’t know who Richard and Phil were at the first moments I met them. I was just hanging out in the convention center when Phil started talking to me and giving me advice. Then, along comes Richard and they start talking about how the SWUGN ribbon was the most important one on their badge. Well in SWW16 in Dallas, I had a SWUGN ribbon as well. If I am lucky enough to go to LA for SOLIDWORKS World 2017, I will have it there too!”

Why should you join a local user group? Shawn says: “It is a great chance to network and meet fellow users as well as a place to learn and grow. I know for me personally, I have developed some good friendships from the group and definitely among the user group leader community. In terms of learning, you get the opportunity to talk to users who do not do the same tasks that you do, day in and day out. They all design different products, have different company situations, and therefore they have different experiences and approaches to problems you may be facing.”

In addition to being a SWUGN leader, Shawn Casebolt is the Engineering Lead for the ambulance division of his company. Outside of work and SOLIDWORKS, he has a passion for aviation. In fact, if he wasn’t an engineer, Shawn would be a pilot! “Airline, charter, business, helicopter, blimp, whatever!  Basically I would be flying one way or another.  With the exception of gliders and balloons… I do require a motor.”

Since 1996, SOLIDWORKS User Groups have been a valuable resource for SOLIDWORKS users all over the world.  The SWUGN Committee and DS SOLIDWORKS provide ample support, but the real stars are the SOLIDWORKS User Group Leaders. Every week or so, we’ll spotlight one of our group leaders and the local user group chapter that they are responsible for leading.

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Alison Visconti

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