Att animera ett rep i SolidWorks

Ja det går faktiskt att göra en animering med ett rep eller kabel, se här !
Det är liknande som en kabel som vi har skrivit om tidigare men lite mer jobb. 


Här finns exemple att ladda ner 
Download Rope (SW2013)  50MB.


Mattias Robertsson

Mattias Robertsson

  • Cecilia

    Thanks for the tutorial and the file, but I have some questions if you can answer me I will apreciate a lot, well the first one is that in the file that you upload here there is some pieces that doesnt appear, I want to ask you if you can send that pieces to me, the other questin is that in your assembly there is a process that I never use before, and thats imported motion, I want to know about it function? and the third one is that Im a little bit lost in the part of making the links became a rope, I want to ask you if you can explain that a little bit more detailed, because Im making a video similar to this about a ropes that move a weight but it doesnt go how I want, and is dificult to my computer make that motion correctly it goes really slow, some times it doesnt move for hours and the solidworks become unresponsive a lot.
    Thanks and sorry for bother you.