6a00d83451706569e201901d627d68970b-800wiJL Marine Drops Anchor With Help From SolidWorks

Summer is back at the office in Waltham, MA – we can finally enjoy the warm, sunny outdoors. Some of you may be busy firing up the grill or planning … Continued

6a00d83451706569e2017c375c6def970b-piLearn how USSC Group developed a breakthrough product in just four months after switching to SolidWorks

USSC Group is a leading manufacturer of world-class seating for many types of specialty vehicles, such as buses, locomotives, and fire trucks. To maintain its industry-leading engineering capabilities, USSC periodically … Continued

6a00d83451706569e2017d3d531f94970c-piThere’s got to be a better way of creating owner’s manuals

There got to be a better way of owner’s manual! Here we are: Universal Cycles, a mountain bike producer in U.K. They print a QR code on their bike body leading to a Youtube assembly instruction video created in 3DVIA Composer by repurposing their CAD models for technical communication.

6a00d83451706569e20167616b124c970b-800wiCreating manufacturing jobs through innovation at Yaris

Creating jobs has been a hot topic these days in the weak global economy. Many answers are out there, but innovation is a proven engine to the economy as shown … Continued

6a00d83451706569e2017d3bf91f16970c-piCP Manufacturing: Efficient Engineering and Recycling Manufacturing

As recycled materials become the new norm in many paper and plastic products, an efficient recycling facility is key for managing the influx of recycled items. CP Manufacturing designs plants … Continued