Felcana: The New Product that Revolutionises Pet Care

You’ve heard of activity trackers for humans. Now there’s one for animals too. It stands to revolutionise what we know about our furry friends’ habits, as well as the speed at which vets can diagnose our pets.

Until they develop opposable thumbs, it’s unlikely you’ll be having a WhatsApp powwow with your bow wow. The next best thing is Felcana – a series of connected devices that capture the comings and goings of moggies and doggies.

Think of it as a lifestyle tracker for your furry friend. You can monitor how often your pet sleeps, where they are in the house, how often they eat, how much activity they get and an awful lot more. All with the aim of better understanding your pet’s behaviour and habits.

Felcana can even detect whether your pet may be feeling anxious or unwell. Or, whether they are eating or drinking less than they should be. Or, if they are experiencing symptoms that suggest a trip to the vets is in order.

Invented by vets, Felcana is also an invaluable tool to help animal experts diagnose unwell cats and dogs and make sure they get the treatment they need faster. By gathering and interpreting data on your creature’s behaviour, Felcana connects owners, pets and vets like never before.

“As vets we can struggle to get the lowdown from our canine and feline friends. Even the most devoted owner can’t answer every single question we might have. Felcana sheds light on clinical blind spots, providing hard data for vets and peace of mind for owners. We don’t have to ask how much water a dog is drinking, we know. It means quicker, more certain treatment.” – Dr James Andrews, Vet and inventor of Felcana

How does it work?

Felcana is essentially a series of connected devices.

The first is a waterproof tracker that attaches to the collars of cats and dogs. This monitors activity and connects with beacons: small signal boxes that are spread around the owner’s home to track pet movements. Data is sent to a hub – also the tracker charging point – which connects to a mobile app that owners can access through their smartphone or tablet.

From the app, owners get a snapshot of their dog’s behaviour, habits, health, happiness and more. Felcana can even issue push alerts to user devices if your pet begins behaving unusually or displays early signs of illness.

How did SOLIDWORKS help?

As a start-up, the team behind Felcana were faced with the unenviable task of creating an innovative product on a shoestring budget. That’s where the SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur Program came in, which granted Felcana a twelve-month license as well as 3D CAD training and marketing assistance.

“Some of the most creative products are coming from the early stage start-up community. Their inventiveness and ambition is great, but they often lack the capital to invest in industry leading software like SOLIDWORKS. The SOLIDWORKS team recognised in Felcana the potential to build a market-leading product in the pet sector and granted them an Entrepreneur license to see this project grow and develop.” Greg Smith, Director, Startup Advocacy & Community Applications, SOLIDWORKS

With SOLIDWORKS on their team, Felcana’s designers got to work on refining their product through intensive 3D modelling, exploring different options in terms of size, design and appearance. The result is a series of devices that are smart, unobtrusive, lightweight and tough enough to take whatever the most rambunctious cats and dogs can throw at them.

“Access to SOLIDWORKS through their Entrepreneur Program has been an invaluable element in designing Felcana. Allowing us to rapidly design, shape and test each component, miniaturising and integrating the form factor seamlessly with our proprietary technology. Collaboration with SOLIDWORKS through their Entrepreneur Program has ensured the team here at Felcana could move through to modelling stages at an accelerated pace with confidence.” Tom Blower, Head of Product, Felcana


What’s next for Felcana?
Having come second place in a recent Pitch@Palace contest, Felcana has just completed raising funds on Kickstarter raising over £26,000 with 250 backers from over 30 countries. A fantastic achievement! The team expect to beta test in early 2017 and are anticipating a 2017 retail launch.

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