Jon Santacoloma Revs Judges’ Engines at the 2012 International Design Awards

Sustainable and renewable energy has become the way of the future. Before long, we may even be living in a world similar to the Jetsons (robot housemaid not included).  Many car companies, such as Honda and Toyota, are developing hybrid and electrical cars to help us move away from fossil fuels. As the need for gas decreases, electric car drivers need a new way to rev their engines – compact AC charging units.

Recently awarded third place in the 2012 International Design Awards in the Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation-Alternative Energy Source Equipment Competition, Jon Santacoloma, a SolidWorks customer from Spain, has designed the 5PRV-H single phase AC charging unit for residential applications. The charger can power up to two electric vehicles.

5PRV-H Electric Car Charging Unit wins Internation Design Award with Help of SolidWorks
The IDA jurors evaluated architects and designers from over 65 countries in every industry ranging from interiors and fashion to products and graphics. Winners, including Santacoloma, receive publication of their work in the 2012 International Design Awards Book of Designs, year-long coverage on the IDA website, and promotion to over 100,000 design professionals and clients worldwide.

We congratulate Jon on his achievement. We can’t wait to use the charger when we get our first electric cars!

Asya Bashina

Asya Bashina

Subscription Services Marketing Specialist at Dassault Systemes SolidWorks
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Asya Bashina