How POLYRACK Makes Its Products “Cool”

Complex technologies, such as desktop computers, involve many different components that have the tendency to overheat, including multiple printed circuit boards. How do you measure the impact of electricity and heat running through your product? POLYRACK Tech-Group employed the help of SolidWorks Flow Simulation for integrated packaging solutions that address heat transfer challenges in computers and electronics.  Prior to using SolidWorks, POLYRACK struggled to optimize and innovate effective cooling systems for racked electronic systems and components.

POLYRACK Tech-Group Cooling Modules Designed in SolidWorks
Electronics packaging provider POLYRACK uses SolidWorks Flow Simulation software and its Electronics Cooling Module to resolve heat transfer challenges related to its packaging designs.

After using SolidWorks Flow Simulation to evaluate its design and measure heat transfer and fluid flow, POLYRACK Tech-Group reduced development time from three months to two weeks. The software allows POLYRACK to quickly simulate airflow and address the heat transfer issues rather than going through expensive prototyping. Adding the system’s Electronics Cooling Module, POLYRACK extended the software’s capabilities for handling heat transfer problems related to multicore chips and heat pipes. As a result, POLYRACK cut two prototyping cycles out of their production process.

SolidWorks Flow Simulation showed POLYRACK that it could use four large cooling fans as opposed to eight on a housing with 10 different highly integrated boards. To learn about some of the other problems that SolidWorks helped POLYRACK address, read the case study.

Asya Bashina

Asya Bashina

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