Making Holes at an Angle: The Easy Way

Have you ever needed to make a hole that pierces material at a certain point, but at a compound angle? This can be a little challenging, but there is a method that I use which people seem to like. Instead of explaining it with a bunch of text, I made some "flash cards" that show the process. Enjoy!










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  • Very useful. I can use this at work and have shared it with a co-worker, but came up with a question.
    If the hole is not a through hole, the bottom of the hole will bow. Should it not stay flat as it would still be a linear?
    I know how to fix this with additional steps, but wanted to bring it to attention.

  • Its really use full. But when i use the blind holes option means the hole look like curve. it not stay flat.

    Anyone is know to fix this problem means pls help.

  • can u say how to Fix the problem..

  • Hello sripathi,

    I put in a comment a while ago, but it apparently disappeared from this thread. In order to have the bottom face move, you have to be sure to choose it along with the cylindrical face of the hole. In other words, all faces that are going to be involved in the Move Face command need to be selected, so they all move in unison.