Announcing the SolidWorks World 2011 Early Bird Contest (Redux) #sww11


So the next big deadline for SolidWorks World 2011 is coming up at the end of this week. If you register by this Friday, January 7, you can save $100 on registration for the show. So to call attention to this final Early Bird deadline, we thought we'd run another contest, like we did last October. Here's the deal.

If you're interested in winning a free pass to SolidWorks World 2011, just leave a response to this blog entry telling me why you *still* haven't registered yet. The person who leaves the most creative answer will win the conference pass.

You have between now and midnight EDT on Thursday, January 6, so don't wait too long. We'll pick and announce a winner on Friday morning, so if you don't win, you'll still have time to take advantage of the Early Bird deal.

Of course there are restrictions, which you'll find in the complete rules included below. So make sure you read them. In a nutshell, you're not eligible if you're a SolidWorks employee, or you work for a reseller or solution partner. You have to get to San Antonio on your own and put yourself up. And the contest is void in Brazil, Quebec, China, and where otherwise prohibited or restricted by local or national law. Sorry.

So get creative. Are you just a procrastinator? Is saving money against your personal credo? Does hitting the "submit" at the last minute give you an adrenaline rush? Let me know.

Download SolidWorks World 2011 Early Bird Contest 2 Rules

Matthew West

Matthew West

SolidWorks alumnus. I like plate reverb, Rat pedals, Thai curry, New Weird fiction, my kids, Vespas, Jazzmasters, my wife & Raiders of the Lost Ark. Not necessarily in that order.

23 Responses to “Announcing the SolidWorks World 2011 Early Bird Contest (Redux) #sww11”


    Because I wasn’t sure if was going to attend but I just bought a 3D Next Engine Scanner and I think it will be helpfull to see the new features in SolidWorks to use with the Scanner.

    Thank you very much!

  2. Daen Hendrickson

    I have been using SW since 2005 version. And every year I discuss SWW with my employers. And every year they say “What a great idea. Maybe next year…” The paradox is always the same: We have plenty of money but are way too busy with the current project. Or, we don’t have any money because we don’t have a current project. And so it is once again. Maybe you’ll have this contest again next year too.

  3. Matt Bullard

    Because I was too busy figuring out why anyone wouldn’t want to use SOLIDWORKS for product development. The list is way to long, and I’m not finished yet…

  4. Vince

    Because my company will not pay for any trips that do not add value to the bottom line…..sales :/

  5. W Dixon

    Because I have a boss that believes events like this are a complete waste of his money.

  6. raju mathangi

    Because my company will not pay for But if at all any chance i will take leave for office & attend the conference becuz am so curious to attend there we will find out unanswered questions & we can suggest them how it to be user friendly

  7. Lou Digilio

    I inquired about attending in October. Presented management with a budget and I’m still waiting. My effort, it seems, has died as in Inception, forever in the limbo dream world. My “icon” is still doing it’s thing…

  8. blech

    I am laid off and can’t afford to go.

  9. Dan Hawkins

    The reason that I have not registered early is because my wife spent all our savings on Christmas shopping for the kids. I had asked Santa for Solidworks tickets for Christmas, but he just gave me an ugly tie. I was really hoping to win the lottery this week, but that didn’t pan out either. I think I may have to stand outside a busy intersection and beg for the money. I’ve already made the sign Solidworks 2011 or bust. I hope it doesn’t go to waste. Please pick me! Sorry if I sound desperate, but I’d really love to go but can’t afford it right now.

  10. Shawn

    Waiting for approval from upper management regarding budget and time.

  11. Ethan Kay

    I had approval to go as the SolidWorks Admin of my last company but then was offered a much more intresting job in research and development. The downfall is we are a much smaller company and can not justify the expense of sending one person to a conferance for a few days while the same money could be used to buy lab equipment or upgrade our computers.

  12. Robert Moore

    Our company has cancelled all training, even cutting back our salaries and work hours…..we have not even installed SolidWorks 2009 or 2010, which we have, because we’ve had our engineering IT budget eliminated…..but my co-worker and I would love to attend, it would really help our attitudes.

  13. Evans Griego

    Part of Solid Works World Attendance therapy, especially when it involves “chronic” design, or setting goals. A major part of moving from ‘designer’ to ‘person’ means refocusing life from a round of appointments ‘to get better’ to actually doing things that matter in life – being ‘better’ at attending Solid Works World. Some of the “designers” I know achieve this goal every year and feel more in control, start to focus on interesting things in life rather than just sitting behind their computers, and hopefully won’t need therapy again! Others find it much more difficult to achieve the “goal” and need more intervention.
    This blog explores the reasons people gave for not going to Solid Works World. The goals were set in the last week of the Early Bird sign up period in 2009, and follow-up was held six months later. The goal areas were coping strategies, medication, exercise, social activities, and Solid Works effort.
    Participants were asked to rate their reasons for not attending Solid Works World on several questions. The questions were:
    1.Was the cause of not attending due to something about you or something about other people or circumstances?
    2.In working toward “attending” in the future will this cause again be present?
    3.Was the cause something that just affected you’re attending or does it also influence other areas of your life?
    4.Was the cause of not attending controllable by you?
    If you’re not familiar with the Solid Works Attending Yearly Effect Description (SWAYED) (Attendance Violation Effect if the goal is to completely stop something), another description is the ‘what the hell’ effect. What I mean by this is, if a goal (attending) is very rigidly defined, and it’s violated (broken somehow), one response is to say ‘oh what the hell’ and give up attending altogether! The term “what the hell” comes from the yearly work of Solid Works “gurus” looking at the relapse process in people giving up attending Solid Works design conferences.

  14. Boaz Axelrad

    It’s pretty obvious everyone here is broke but the fact that nobody is funny really speaks to our frustration because broke people are generally funnier than rich people so there are two conclusions I can make of this situation:
    First: all of us broke people wouldn’t go anyway because why spend time with rich- boring people.
    Second: even broke people know a good deal when they see it and the fact nobody is being funny about it is that even with the most creative ways like strapping myself to the bottom of a truck and sleeping on a bench in the train station I still can’t afford it and that’s not funny.

    I actually won free admission to SWW 2010 in California for writing an assay about my experience with SW (no joke). But I didn’t go because even after deducting admission and all the extras that my prize included; plus giving up the anticipated visit to Disneyland and compromising on eating only the free soup crackers and ketchup that are always found next to the straws and napkins in the food court, I still ended up looking at thousands in air fair, accommodation and transportation.
    This year I decided to pack a folding bicycle and some canned beans. That will save a few bucks… I could also I sell the free straws as alternative to blue tooth earpieces which I found work very well if you stick the straw deep enough in your ear and aim the other end perfectly at the phone’s little speaker. And if they have the bendy type straws I can even charge extra for the deluxe version, then I just might make it work. But if I don’t win admission again this year, then I guess I am going to the other SWW (Star Wars Weekend). At least their animation has awesome sound effects.

  15. Darian Ahler

    I’m waiting to win a free trip from Solidworks. It’ll be way easier to convince my boss if the company doesn’t have to pay for it.

  16. Matthew West


    As I read through most of the replies here, the most common theme is that many companies are unwilling to spend the money it takes to send employees to a conference. We understand that things are still tight for a lot of businesses out there. One of the reasons for running these contests was to maybe give people who couldn’t otherwise go a chance. If someone could tell their boss that the total cost of attending SolidWorks World would be $900 less because he or she won a free pass, maybe that could help ease the decision.

    It’s also why we decided to include airfare and hotel with the previous Internet Correspondent contest. Because we did that, at least one person who couldn’t otherwise attend is now able to go.

    Something we’ve always tried to do is provide resources on the SolidWorks World website that people who aren’t “the boss” can use to help the boss understand why attending can help you develop new skills.

    Hopefully things improve for you and all of the other companies out there over the nest year, and we can see everyone at SolidWorks World 2012.

  17. Rob

    I am a consultant, and while it would be nice to attend, I don’t have the luxury of an employer to foot the bill, but would love to attend if I could win the ticket.

  18. Wes

    I’ve been working on SolidWorks since 98Plus… I was unemployed for most of last year and started a new job with my sister-in-laws family owned company. I convinced them to purchase SolidWorks before the end of 2010, but now they are working on getting the money to buy me a workstation that will run it. If they pay to send me to SWW this year, I will have to go about 6 more months without a computer. For the past 2 years, I have only used SolidWorks occasionally. Now with the new 2011 version and working with a new company… I really need to get the most up to date tips and tricks so that I can get back up to speed! Please help me!

  19. Art

    My top 10 reasons why I still haven’t registered for SolidWorks World 2011:

    10. I’m on standby to pick up Lindsey Lohan from rehab.
    9. When I stop designing, I start procrastinating.
    8. I’ve got no ride there—my Segway is in the shop.
    7. I was waiting in line for tickets to “Country Strong.”
    6. I thought SolidWorks World was at the Alamo Dome, and I have Dome-a-phobia since the Metrodome roof collapsed.
    5. I vowed that I wouldn’t go anywhere until Brett Favre retired.
    4. I was disappointed that SolidWorks World didn’t hire Blue Man Group.
    3. I spent too much time watching “3 Dudes gone 3D”
    2. I’m waiting for Frank Caliendo to perfect his impression of Jeff Ray.

    And the number one reason I still haven’t registered for SolidWorks World 2011:

    1. Someone said, “Let’s Go Design.” And I did.

  20. Dave Schreiber

    I attended SWW Boston in 2004, Orlando in 2005, and San Diego in 2008. The first two times I attended at my supervisor’s request: he had attended earlier SWW’s and thought they were great educational opportunities. I came back from both Boston and Orlando with lots of fresh ideas and new techniques as well as better ways to deploy and administer our CAD system. In 2006 my supervisor again requested that I attend even though I had suggested that SWW is such a great experience that perhaps someone else be allowed to go. Besides, I did not think anyone could top Burt Rutan’s keynote address and the presentation of the OCC SolidWorks chopper at Orlando! We turned in the travel request and were told that I could go, but only under certain conditions. First, I had to find a cheaper hotel to lodge at, preferably one that cost less than $90 per night. Secondly, to justify the trip, I had to calculate the trip’s ROI by picking a project with metrics that would be positively impacted by going. Then, I would get to report on that project’s progress for the rest of the year! Oh! Boy! Of course, the project and metrics had to approved beforehand; no fair picking a project AFTER attending. At this point I was pondering why I would need to go to SWW if I already knew what would improve after I got back. I had alway felt that the real benefit of attending a SWW was that you NEVER KNEW WHAT YOU MIGHT LEARN until you attended one! I this point we figured the ROI and cheap hotel business was just a safe way of saying no without seeming unreasonable so we let the request drop.

    In 2008, approval for a trip to SolidWorks World was in different hands and with my supervisors blessing,I submitted a travel request. We were in the early stages of planning a PDMWorks implementation and I promised to attend as many seminars that would aid that project. My boss argued on my behalf and the trip was approved. However, I was told that we were really busy and that I should skip the last day of SWW even thought two key PDM seminars were that last morning. After that trip, it seemed like every travel request from our department was turned down or cancelled because we were just too busy to take time out of our schedules to attend anything that was not directly chargeable to a specific project.

  21. Sharon West

    Why I’ve not registered yet…
    It all started in the primordial soup of early 2010, where developing and sharing my creations with the world meant little more than mitosis. As time went by, I evolved to the point where I lived out of the ocean and traveled in a herd. By spring of last year I was in what you might call a tribe, or what some anthropologists refer to as an “engineering team.” By this point, it was summer 2010 and I was walking upright and beginning to demonstrate the use of tools. Let me tell you: creating isometric views by dragging a stick through the dirt leaves something to be desired. With my discovery of fire this past autumn, I began producing smoke signals and thereby joined the ranks of the digital world! But writing code in smoke is a painfully slow process that can’t hold a candle to working in the API. A month ago I learned to write on papyrus, then parchment, then vellum, producing designs ever more quickly with my abacus, slide-rule, and eventually calculator. Last week, I had advanced to a stage where I could use a computer. Finally, just yesterday I learned to use SolidWorks. What a difference from having to split my single-celled self in two just to produce some original work.
    So you see, all of this evolution, growth and learning have culminated just today, in fact this very moment, in the auspicious development of being ready to register for SolidWorks World.
    Registering earlier would have been like trying to network a stone tablet.

  22. Wes

    I have been a avid SolidWorks user since the 98 Plus version! After being laid off last year, I was unemployed for most of 2010. Fortunately, I landed a job at my sister-in-laws company. I was able to convince them to upgrade from AutoCAD LT to SolidWorks at the end of 2010. They bought it to take advantage of the end of year sale, but I won’t have an adequate system to run it on until we bring in some more revenue (roughly another month or so). If they have to pay to send me to SWW 2011, it will be an additional 3-4 months before they can afford to buy me a workstation. The past 2 years, I’ve been doing project management and have only used SolidWorks occasionally. I need some quick refreshers and to get all of the latest tips and tricks so that I can “Shock and Awe” them once I get a workstation. Winning this contest would really be the best thing that could happen to me right now. Please help me out! I’m only about a 5 hour drive from San Antonio!

  23. Robert Wittwer

    It has been a highlight in my life to attend SolidWorks World, always an invigorating and stimulating experience.
    I did not register early because my company did not encourage me to go this year. So I tried to tell myself to skip this one. Then my wife reminds me this event always uplifts my spirt and I should go. My wife is always right! So, I will register soon.

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