How To Remove A Battery, Using 3DVIA Composer

Last week I had the chance to attend the 4-day 3DVIA Composer training course here in Concord.  Two of those days were the introduction class, and the second two were the advanced class.  So did I get anything out of it?  Of course I did.  There was a lot to learn, and having never used 3DVIA Composer before, it was nice to learn a new tool fresh from the beginning.  The area that I really enjoyed the most was the animation portion.  Here is an animation I created in 3DVIA Composer in about 15 minutes:



If your company is using SolidWorks, and you produce any sort of documentation for your customers, 3DVIA Composer is a tool that is sure to save you time!

Mike Puckett

Mike Puckett

Senior Manager, World Wide Certification Program SOLIDWORKS
  • I was on a Southwest flight yesterday. They had an article about dying technologies and among them were assembly instructions. Interesting thought. I wonder how this stacks up to Inventor Publisher? How does 3DVIA handle design updates?

  • Nice work Mike. Now see if you can do that in under minutes… 🙂

    Robcohee, Composer stacks up very well against the competition, it is easy to use and very rich in features with exceptional performance. Design updates can be easily incorporated into existing projects

  • Robcohee,

    As with any DS product there are a bunch of ways to handle a task, and 3DVIA Composer is no different in regards to updating documents. Check out 3DVIA Sync, it will do the updating for you, no need to do it yourself:

    When I was learing SolidWorks some 10 years ago what made it so easy to learn was that fact that the software seemed to work just as I expected it would. There was no wierd learning curves, or commands to remember, it just simeply worked. Sitting thru the Composer class last week, it was the exact same way, the tools just work the way you would expect them too.

    And Garth, maybe once I get as good as you, I can do it in under a minute!