PDMWorks Enterprise: Who is it for?

I have received many questions regarding the newly released PDMWorks Enterprise PDM product.

· What is it?

· Who is it for?

· How can I learn more?

Good News! The SolidWorks website has recently been updated to highlight the features and benefits of PDMWorks Enterprise. Select on the link below to learn more:


Additionally, select the PDMWorks Demos link to view narrated videos of PDMWorks Enterprise.

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    HI all, So here is my ?, Whats the the best specs of a system that can run COSMOSE flow works. I tried asking the vendors of the packages and solidworks them self and they always come back with the basic spec info. If you ever ran Flow works on a system with the basic specks they lay out on the sldwks website you know how long it takes. So what I am looking for is some one with some hard core flow works experince insite. thanks all